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Welcome to ForehandArt! Before placing any order, 
feel free to send a message to us and get specifics 
before starting a plan. Contact us directly via 
text or call at 1 (415) 214-9931! We look forward 
to hearing from you.  Start paying at a flat rate with no contract where provided, or work with more guarantee and assurance by getting a quote and contract.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Free consultation

    Consultation or negotiation agreed between both parties.
    Valid for one week
    • Request a quote
  • Non profit projects

    From artist to artist. An even trade of talent for talent.
    Free Plan
    • The best way to collaborate.
    • Request demonstration of skillsets via digital or local.
    • Network availability increase.
    • Artist combines talent with your project.
    • You combine your talents with our project.
  • Profile pic Creation

    (LIMITED)Make your profile pic pop with this option.
    Valid for one week
    • Flat one time fee of 30.00. No changes.
    • Line art (bw) with up to 5 colors added .
    • Output format is up to 300dpi .jpg or .png
  • Mini contract

    Every month
    For small businesses only
    • 24-7 contact with the artist.
    • Negotiable terms and conditions per month membership.
    • Flat rate per month.
    • Business contract.
  • BW 8.5x11"commission

    Commission. No edits. Flat rate.
    Valid for one week
    • Request a quote
    • no contract flat one time rate.
  • color commission

    Commission. No edits. Flat rate.
    Valid for one week
    • Request a quote
    • no contract flat one time rate.
  • Vid and music prod.

    Every week
    Contractual work for multimedia needs.
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Video and Multimedia are produced with copyright free media.
    • Negotiable contract.
    • Negotiable onsite or offsite work.
    • No charge of royalties for small business.
  • 3d model design

    Every week
    Contractual work for multimedia needs.
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Copyright free character, environment or multimedia design.
  • Voiceover

    Voice over english only.
    • Contract fully negotiable.
    • Pricing fully negotiable.
    • 100.00 fee is the starting fee payed up front.
  • Major contract

    Big businesses looking to hire freelance local or abroad.
    • Exclusive membership and hourly access to artist.
    • Flexible contract and agreement.
    • Willingness to work abroad.
    • 1000.00 fee is the commitment fee payed up front.

Commission copywritten artwork protocol


To maneuver through copywritten characters owned by major company owners,  ForehandArt will have to:
-Get Licensing for copywritten characters.
-Ask permission to commission copywritten characters.

Taking this route will require an adequate amount of time to recieve approval. 

Another alternative is:
Use art that is public domain as a second alternative. 


Anything that is copywritten such as characters used to create fan art is illegal. 
ForehandArt is not in any way condoning purchase of illegalities involving artwork. 
We can create fan art, but we must get approval to get paid to do it. 

We understand that fan art keeps well paid companies that own copywritten characters 
alive due to their fan base. So to maintain a legal and legit standing as a company 
ourselves, Forehand Art only uses free use or royalty free  images with sites such as:

- Redbubble 
-National gallery of art
-Wiki media website
-Los Angeles county museum of fine art
-The MET collection
-Any artwork which is labeled for reuse under usage rights for 
private and commercial use. 
-Any fan art program authorized by the owner. 

Our process to aquire permission in order: 
-Identify the owner of copyright or original work.
- contact the owner of copyright or original work.
-Write and send a detailed letter requesting the 
permission to sell created fan art.
-Wait for a response from the owner of 
copyright or original work to approve or 
deny fan art commission.

Failure to do any of the steps above may cause 
legal issues to ForehandArt so it is necessary 
and very important for us to adhere to these 
steps to avoid any negative repercussions.

Copyright © 2019-2023 ForehandArt LLC  All Rights Reserved.

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