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We are all artists

Illustration, multimedia, and character design.

Ever since I was a child, drawing has been not only a love of mine, but an obsession.  I have learned from teachers and professors from all accross the U.S. the "do's and don'ts " when drawing, "how to" and "how not to" produce an acceptable piece of artwork within industry standards. At the end of each lesson remained the path of where the exploration of artistry could take me, and ultimately the curiosity of where i can go as an artist to worlds unexplained and untapped to become a valuable asset to the art community. Each blank page has always served as a moment in my life where the visual journey begins and where the viewer can venture in an experience shared through expression.

I first learned 3d modeling at The Art Institute of Philadelphia and was amazed at the amount of detail and graphics that were and still are involved in the production process of creating something as complex as a 3 dimensional world to a simple character in videogames. Even though I have graduated some time ago I am still learning everyday new techniques and shortcuts of the designing process to apply to works that currently keep me motivated.

Learning everything from character design , illustration and 3d design, the process of creating a piece of artwork for a client is taken very seriously and is still very enjoyable to produce. After all these years, the dedicated artist believes we are all artists. Some love the art and are dedicated to it, and others are artists who just don't know it yet. Shall we be inspired?

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